Prevent a cancer – in short time at a reasonable price

British-Hungarian Medical Service  is happy to introduce a new service, cancer screening, mainly  colonoscopy and gastroscopy in sedation ,which can prevent colon cancer through early detection.
One in four (27%) of all deaths in the UK are caused by cancer. Colonic cancer is very common. If you recognise this in time it can be successfully treated. We can offer you an appointment within 24 hours and this would still cost less than 50% of the average uk price , including the costs of flight & accommodation.

The procedure is painless and is usually done under a light sedative as a day-case patient.

We cannot promise you will not notice any inconvenience;  but sedation  will however greatly decrease it. I can assure you will not be leaving with painful memories.

In order to prevent you from any uncomfortableness, we promise not to keep you waiting for your appointment.

The new technology we use is the video colonoscope. Sometimes the doctor will need to take small samples of tissue. This is completely painless. This tissue is sent to the laboratory for specialised inspection and the results should be ready after a few days when we provide a medical report in English.

You are at the right place if you are looking for quality, quick endoscope procedure at reasonable prices.Cancer Screening in Hungaray

We are pleased to announce that endoscopic and screening services are now available at our clinics in Hungary. Our average waiting time is 1 week. We offer easy accessibility and excellence in care.

Our Hungarian Clinic is a leading out-patient centre for diseases of the colon and rectum, colon cancer prevention and related medical treatments.

Colonoscopy: We prevent colon cancer through early detection. By removing benign, pre-cancerous polyps from the lining of the colon (large intestine), cancer can be prevented — and early stage cancers can be completely cured.

Gastroscopy (EGD): We perform this routine procedure to examine the upper part of the gastrointestinal tract. Cancer and other diseases of the stomach and esophagus can be detected through this test.

We are an endoscope clinic not an agency. You can deal with us directly so you can cut out the middleman. We can offer you the most competitive prices that you will ever find in the market. There are also several discount and incentive schemes in place, including free flights and accommodation.

  • Our English speaking driver meets you at the airport and takes you to your accommodation
  • Transfers provided free of charge during your whole stay between the airport, hotel and clinic 
  • A courtesy Hungarian mobile phone during your stay in Budapest, 
  • Emergency assistance is available 24 hours a day: 00 36 30 987 0807 
  • Effective time management - pre-scheduled appointments to allow you free time to discover Budapest and Hungary
  • Tea, coffee, iced water provided free of charge
  • Flat screen TV with English channels in the waiting area
  • We have a private space with a bed, etc for recovery after sedation
  • State-of-the-art modern equipment and air conditioned clinic
  • The gastroenterologists are constantly re-training by attending courses and conferences
  • Friendly, English speaking staff whose motto is "we care about you"
    • 24 hour assistance for medical clients
    • Breakfast, lunch & dinner served to order in room
    • Special menu for recently treated  patients
    • Use of wellness, hot tub, and roof terrace (shower & sun loungers)
    • Free internet acccess
    • 3 bars, 5 restaurant within 50 meters of the hotel

What should you do if you need endoscope procedure and you have to go abroad?

1. Contact us

Our clinic has a representative in the UK to make it easier for you to contact us. You can call our representatives or contact them online, via skype, you can request a consultation in London or ask for a preliminary quote.

Our representative will get back to you as soon as possible, they will explain the easiest way for you to proceed and check the available appointments

2. Have a consultation in BUDAPEST

- arrange a consultation appointment with our U.K Representative in Budapest  discuss your needs with our representative and clarify any questions that you may have before or after the procedure

- after your consultation you will receive a written plan and if you are happy with it you can decide whether to have the treatment.

You will not find a better price neither in London nor in Budapest!!

Hungary is generally cheaper then the UK. Both incomes and expenses are about 3-4 times less than in the UK. When you consider how expensive a gastroscopy and colonoscopy in sedation can be, the 3-4 times less prices can mean huge difference

Having lower prices in Hungary does not effect quality. As Hungary is one of the most popular targets of  medical tourism in the world, the competition is big and only the well equipped centres with the best qualified doctors and most enthusiastic staff can stay in business.

Our representative will help you with absolutely everything from booking accommodation, to arranging transfers, to booking aftercare appointments in London.

In Budapest we will ensure that:

  • you will be met and greeted at the airport upon arrival
  • you will be booked in at our newly built hotel 
  • where we provide 24 hour assistance for clients 
  • Located in a pedestrian street in the heart of Budapest, just a few blocks away from the Opera House and the Hungarian "Champs-Élysées" 
  • Breakfast, lunch & dinner served to order in room
  • Special menu for colonoscopy patients
  • your treatment will be as pain free as it possibly can be
  • you will be given competitive prices
  • you will complete your procedure in the shortest time possible
  • everybody you will be in contact with during your procedure will speak fluent English
  • you will be safe while in Hungary as we will provide transfers to and from the clinic for all appointments
  • you will be able to contact us on our emergency number 24/7